About Mogu

Khang Nee a.k.a Mogu, a journalism graduate and line-draw artist, often mistaken for being unfriendly due to her shy demeanour is one woman that more than meets the eye.

Beyond that unfriendly appearance and classy outfit, she is one who is hopeful, care free, loves chicken breast and believes she should stay in Europe because she loves trench coat.

Guided by her passion for writing and eye for beautiful art, she found her true calling between writing travel articles and stories for magazines, and now, publishing her own travel book.

The minimalist lover has traveled across the globe to satisfy her desire to see new things, admire architecture beauty and experience different culture. All of these were then penned down in beautifully written stories and hand drawn minimalist art of famed architectures.

“Mogu”, became her online persona and clients have found instant liking towards the character. Mogu has appeared on several product placements and articles and is on its way to her first published travel log.