“I see my path but I not sure where it leads, and that’s the interesting part! But I know as long as I work hard, it will lead me to somewhere beautiful.”

KhangNee and her work has been featured in such publications as The Sun Daily, Sin Chew Jit Poh, Travellution, China Press, Citta Bella Malaysia, NewTide, etc.

Travellution 畅游行 // December 2019

CITYPlus FM // June 2019

Popclub Magazine // May 2019

Travellution 畅游行 // February 2018 – December 2018

CURATED by PopCulture // 2018

Premium Travel // March 2018

Let’s Travel // February 2018

China Press // October 2017

NewTide Magazine // September 2017

Sin Chew Daily // July 2017

Kwang Wah //May 2017

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The Sun //January 2016

The Sun KhangNee 070116 copy1

China Press //October 2015


CittaBella Malaysia //October 2015

Bella Feature copy
Bella Feature 70 copy

Sin Chew Jit Poh //October 2015


New Tide Magazine //Nov 2014

NT mogu

Shang Hai Magazine //August 2013

SH Vienna Travel copy

SH Vienna Travel copy1